August 21, 2004

Phone Sex Tips

Q. I'm not too good at phone sex with my girlfriend. How do I get her off?

A. I'm not too good at phone sex either, Of course, not having a girlfriend does rather cramp my style.

It's just not the same having to use my mobile phone to call myself on the home phone and ask myself what I'm wearing. Often, I'm in a playful and ask myself to guess. It's amazing how good a guesser I am. But amazing how pointless the whole exercise is.

A2. Phone sex isn't something I had much expertise in until your question. But I'm a dedicated researcher, so one evening, I spent over six hours on the phone to various phone sex lines to try to find out some good techniques and tips for you.

Here's what I found out:

During phone sex, girls don't orgasm until you type in your credit card number and expiry date.

It's amazing how many women seem to be sitting around the house of an evening wearing nothing but stockings, garters and high-heeled shoes.

Even more girls seem to spend their nights in front of the TV dresses as french maids or school girls.

During phone sex, you shouldn't answer call-waiting. I had to tell mum I was working out.

It's a good idea to have a phone line in your bed room. Or at least to wait until your flat mates have gone to bed before getting involved in a heavy session on the couch.

Phone sex is mainly about vivid descriptions of what you'd like to be doing. Miming the actions doesn't work very well.

August 14, 2004

Phone Sex Lyrics

[Phone dials and rings]
[Girl]- Hello? Tweety-hahaha
[Girl]- Hello? Tweety- Guess what baby?
[Girl]-What Tweety- I can make you moan on the phone baby.
[Girl]- Oh yeah? Tweety- I can make you moan on the phone.
[Girl]- hahaha Tweety- I can make ya moan on the phone baby.
[Girl]- ok Tweety- I can make you moan on the phone
[Girl]- I'm ready. Phone sex. (yeah baby.)
How's about a little phone sex? (I'm gonna make it good for you tonight)
How's about a little phone sex? (I'm good with the long distance thing, I like it)
How's about a little phone sex.(I just wanna make you moan just like you do when I'm with you)
Yo T-Low. Line 1. Take the phone.
T-Low- I'm sorry baby, I can't be there with you but I got a freaky idea
Cause girl I'm in a freaky mood. (oh yeah baby)
So follow directions closely, it's gonna be da bomb
And before I let you go darling, I'm gonna make you come.
How's about a little phone sex? Baby girl, if it's all right.
How's about a little phone sex? Since we can't hook up tonight.
How's about a little phone sex? Cause you know it'll feel so nice.
How's about a little phone sex? Lay back and enjoy the ride.
The real, line 2, now's time to get those fingers wet.
Touch it baby, you gotta open up.
Just imagine that it's me inside, can't you feel real love?
I want you to ??. Scream as loud as you want.
I'm chasin you while I'm away from you, can't wait till I get home.
Let the real make love to your mind. How's about a little phone sex?
C'mon, it's AT&T and you and me. How's about a little phone sex?
Baby I'm gonna get so nasty. How's about a little phone sex?
Girl all ya gotta do is lose those pants.
How's about a little phone sex? (time to get real nasty)
When you play with it, use the phone so I can hear it.
How's about a little phone sex?
C'mon girl. C'mon now.
How's about a little phone sex? Yeah, yeah.
How's about a little phone sex? Here it comes baby.
Ohhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhh.
I'm ?? baby on the phone. ha, yeah.
Oh i can feel it. baby oh, oh, yeah. I don't wanna hurt you.
Baby you like the way it feels when you come so why don't you entertain yourself.
Oh, I know you like it. an oragasm without the back spasm.

August 07, 2004

Hot Phone Sex

"Mmmmm, yeah. Yeah, let me stick your big hot rod in my mouth. Let me suck it deep into my throat. I want to taste your cum, your hot, sticky cum. I want it filling my mouth."

I listened breathlessly as the woman on the other end of the hone sex line did her thing. She was a telephone sex seductress and good at her job. I looked up at my husband and saw he agreed with me, he was leaned back on the bed, his eyes shut in ecstasy. Our speaker phone lay next to him.

This was one of his favorite sex games, having me act out whatever the woman on the other end of the phone said. I have to admit I like this sex game also; for one, I enjoy pleasing my husband, for another it gets me just as hot. This one was good, or maybe it was me, in any case I kept perfect pace with her and right now all I wanted was his hot cum dripping down my throat.

"Yes, cum for me baby, cum inside my mouth, let me swallow all of you," she squealed and he followed her instructions to the letter. He let loose a torrent of hot jism which I hungrily devoured, licking the last little bit off my lips.

He reached over and stroked my head with one hand, hanging up the phone with the other. We like acting out pornos and spying on our neighbors also but there's something especially satisfying in the phone sex, it's like having our own personal dominatrix.

I like the kinky phone sex operators the best. The phone sex gurus who have me tied up and spanked before I know it. And that's what I needed right now. We save the phone sex as a special treat, usually holding out until the weekends, otherwise our phone bill might get too high. We’ve gotten the ritual down pat. First my husband picks who he wants to call and I act out everything the phone sex operator says until he gets off, then it's my turn.

Tonight I decided to find the hottest one I could, my libido was on an upswing and my clit was already throbbing. I flipped through the back of one of our porno mags and chose the lewdest there.

"This one," I said pointing to the hunky man who dared me to call.

My husband raised one eyebrow and began dialing the phone sex number. He could tell immediately what kind of mood I was in and that was enough to give him his second hard-on. That's one of the things I love him for, he appreciates my kinky sex tastes.

"How are you tonight my little sex slut?" asked the man on the phone. I liked him already, he had an exceptionally good voice for phone sex, deep and rich with a little drawl.

"Just fine," I purred, making myself comfortable on the bed.

"Good. First I want you to take off all your clothes," I had beat him to it, having been naked for hours. I hit the speaker phone button.

"Are you wet? You're nothing but a dirty little whore and I think you've been bad, I think you need to be punished," he continued. My husband placed a hand between my legs to make sure I was good and ready. He needn't have bothered even checking, I was as slippery as I had ever been.

"I'm going to have to tie you up. I want you to lift your hands above your head while I bind them. Now I want you sitting upright slut, I want you in a good hard backed chair and I want those legs spread wide. I want your hole exposed. Mmmmm, it's nice and juicy. Being tied up makes you hot doesn't it, you're hot as hell aren't you, you horny slut?"

"Oh yeah," I murmured from my hard-backed chair.

"Let me just look at that gaping cunt of yours. I'm spreading open those pussy lips, mmmmm, you've been naughty haven't you, you've been very, very naughty. It looks like you might need a spanking before you get a good fuck. Bend over the chair. Stick that pretty ass in the air for me, I'm going to give you a spanking you'll never forget."

His next couple of lines were lost to me as my husband gently rubbed my ass then drew his hand back and gave me a good smack. I could feel my cheeks quiver and I released a moan. With every impact on my ass my pussy let loose a new batch of juices. I wanted him inside of me, I wanted his cock deep in my tight asshole he was spanking.

"Sounds like you have a little friend helping you out tonight. Is that right? Do you have a friend there who thinks you're just as naughty as I do?"

"Yeah," I managed to answer in between moans, "yeah, I do."

"Does he have a nice thick dick?"

"Mmmmhmmm… "

"Do you want it? Tell him how much you want him to give it to you."

"Oh baby, I want it. I want your hard cock so deep inside of me," I knew I had picked a good one.

"All right, friend," the voice said, addressing my husband, "let's punish this slut like she deserves. Let's not give it to her until she's good and punished."

My husband's reply was a well-placed smack on my ass.

The man on the phone chuckled. "Get our slut up off of her chair. I want her tied spread eagle on the bed. Reach down and feel that slit of hers, make sure it's nice and wet. Maybe she'd like to taste some, I bet she tastes good."

My husband brought his hand up dripping from my cunt. He smeared it across my lips and I hungrily lapped it up, I wanted to clean every last bit of it off his hands.

"She likes that doesn't she? Our whore likes tasting herself. I bet she'd like to taste you too. Tell him how much you want his cock, tell him you want to taste his cum."

"I want your cock in my mouth, I want your cum spilling down my throat, I want to swallow every last bit of it," I told my husband, and I meant it.

"Good girl," said the voice, "for that she gets a little reward, but just a little one. Part those fat lips of hers, flick that wanting clit with your tongue, turn it into a hard bud, but don't let her cum, she doesn't deserve it yet. Let's bring her to the edge and then stop, listen to me whore, don't you dare cum, if you cum now you get no cock and you want cock don't you?"

"Oh yes, I want cock," I gasped. It would be hard not to cum, I already felt so close but I wanted that hot, sweaty cock deep inside of me. My husband could feel the walls of my cunt beginning to clench and tighten, my thighs began to shake uncontrollably and I was on the verge of tears. I wanted him so bad it ached.

"I think she's had enough," the voice interrupted just in time. "I think you deserve a reward for being such a good friend. I think she'd look pretty with cum dripping down her face don't you? Why don't you let her have a taste of your fuck tool? Stick it in her mouth, all the way in, be a good girl now and deep throat him, I want to hear those balls smacking you against the chin."

I gladly took all of his dick into my mouth, I twirled my tongue over his head and flicked it down his shaft. He tasted good and I wanted another meal of his cum, I could never get enough.

"She sounds like she's enjoying that a little too much. Let's coat her in our jizz, jack off onto her pretty face. Open your mouth slut, open your mouth and get ready to catch it all. I want you licking up every last precious drop."

My husband arched his back and let loose. Soon I was coated with his creamy white sperm, and I gladly licked up every bit I could reach. My husband enjoyed watching me grope for his cum, if I wasn't tied down I would have licked every inch of his dick, my husband amazed me, he was already growing hard for the third time tonight.

"Good girl," the voice cooed, "good cocksucker. She's earned another reward, why don't you give her nipples a nice pinch, rub those pearls between your fingers, pull them and bite them. She sounds like she likes a good tittie fuck, I bet those pretty nips of hers are nice and hard, I bet she has tight little buds. You’re dripping aren’t you slut? You’re oozing juice all over that four poster bed of your, aren’t you?"

"Oh yes," I assured him.

"Tell your friend there what you want, tell him everything you want him to do to you."

"Baby I want you to fuck me, I want you to shove your thick prick into my tight little ass, I want you to heat me up and make me cum," I gasped.

Our mystery caller chuckled, "Sounds like you’re in for a real good time. Flip our pretty little slut over, stick your ass in the air, you’re going to get what you want. Now slide it into her, real slow, make that slut beg for it again."

"Please give it to me, please stick it in all the way, pump me up," I wailed without waiting for my husband to ask me to.

He couldn’t help it, he wanted me as much as I wanted him. He pumped his thick love muscle deep into the walls of my rectum, sending flashes of light through my brain. Over and over he drew it in and out, each time sending me closer to the brink. I pushed my ass against him to better meet his strong dick. I began to scream out in pleasure, man was I a lucky wife, my studly husband was just about the best fuck a girl could ask for.

"Give it to her, make her cum, I want to hear her cum!" the phone sex operator commanded.

That was enough invitation as I needed and I shouted out, "I’m cumming!" while I grabbed onto our bedroom pillows and shook with delight. Not even two strokes after I could fell my husband filling me with own batch of hot, sticky cum. Our love juices mingled together and overflowed out of my satisfied, puckered hole.

I leaned over and picked up the phone.

"Thanks," I said, "you were great."

"Anytime, love slut," he said affectionately, "you’ve got the number." And that I do, tucked in my top drawer, right next to my handcuffs and vibrator!